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Win $200 In Blockbuster IWR Survey

Blockbuster has arranged an online survey to collect the valuable feedback of their customers’ regarding their offered services and products. Customers can go through the survey and freely express their negative or positive views about their experience regarding the products and services of Blockbuster. Taking part in the survey is easy and simple and takes only few minutes and the participant can win $200 prize.

About Blockbuster:

The Blockbuster LLC provides home based rental services of games and videos. They provide the services of streaming the required video and kiosks and mailing the DVD. Blockbuster is spread all around the world providing their services in 17 countries of the world and operating more than 900 stores. The company is based in America and was founded in the year 1985. Dish Network is the parent company of Blockbuster.

How To Participate?

  • Go to the official website of Blockbuster IWR Survey by following the link using your internet browser.
  • The link will take you to the survey page of the website where you will be required to provide some basic information.
  • To get entry for the survey you are required to enter the store number in the given field. Then type the date of your visit in the space given. This information can be easily found on the sales receipt.
  • After entering the desired information you will be taken to the questions and answers section. Here you will be asked various questions regarding your experience at your recent visit to Blockbuster and the quality of products and services offered to you. Customers’ can express their feelings as per their experience. Make sure to answer all the questions and be honest in answering the questions. You can also propose some suggestions for the betterment of Blockbuster. Complete the survey following the on screen directions.
  • Now you have to provide your basic information as well as your contact information such as your name and email address and phone number. Then finish the survey.
  • You may receive an instant gift of popcorn bad or a drink. Else you may also get entry for the sweepstakes and will get a chance to win $200 cash prize.


Participating in the Blockbuster IWR Survey is a simple and easy process and the participant can get a chance to win $200 cash prize and also help the Blockbuster to make improvements.