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Comparison Of Fresh & Frozen Food

If you are going to purchase foods from grocery store for whole week, there are at least 90% chances that you will buy frozen product or less frozen meal. Although, the frozen products bears less cost as compared to fresh complements, but in fact frozen foods are not easy to serve as you have to thaw food in the microwave for number of minutes before ready to eat as matched to fresh more. However, there different comparisons to be considered while selecting fresh and frozen food.

1: Germs Affected

You should be very careful while selecting fresh food, as the fresh fruits and vegetable contains many types of bacteria, which may be harmful and useful for health. Some bacteria can cause intestinal infection and some become the part of your immunity system. On washing fruits and vegetables, bacteria can be removed. It is noted here, vegetables are more germs affected as compared to fruit as they grow up in the soil. It is significant to understand the growing process of fruits and vegetables because some bacteria also remain there in frozen food which can be spoiled within little time after defrosting.

2: Level of Nutrition

It is obvious that the level of nutrition in fresh food is comparatively more as of frozen food. Some contents of nutrients may lose in frozen foods such as vitamin C & B, as manufacturing companies first wash the products in hot water for the purpose of removing and killing bacteria and then freeze them on safety measures. Afterward, some salt is also added in the frozen as well as canned products. It is reality to know that boiling food either fresh or frozen for the long time can reduce the actual nutrients. Moreover, some frozen food are also available with additional benefits like sugar, butter and many more.

3: Bisphenol A (BPA) Level

Number of researches has been conducted by the Mayo-clinic and Cancer research institution about the weird effect of frozen and fresh food. In the lasted research, it has been come to know that 60% BPA level can be reduced in persons who use fresh food as compared to packed food. Families can minimize their level of BPA by using home prepared food. So the level of BPA is in control of each person. Moreover, fresh food gives you fresh taste and maximum nutrients as compared to frozen food which is prepared through different artificial processes and available in packages, whereas fresh food use little packages and beneficial for health.

4: Growing of Fresh Food Locally

Growing and packaging food for freezing is much more cost effective and lengthy process as compared to growing and selling the fresh food in the market. It has been noted that frozen foods usually come from different areas of country which bears cost in term of fuel and human resources. To stop this practice, you should give money to local farmers for growing fresh food within the territory which is really taste effective and use fewer resources.