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Create Your Photo By Using MSN Postcards

Sending the postcards to your friend with a photo you took yourself includes a personal touch to the communiqué. Well, if you have taken few photos on a recent tour, or of your pets or family, and you wish to share them your classmates, co-workers, family or friends, there is the handful online choice to select from that is MSN Postcards.

About MSN:

The Microsoft Network is the collection of Internet websites services offered by the Microsoft. The MSN network debuted as the internet service and online service offered in 1995 to happen together with launch of Window 95. The array of services provided by Microsoft Network has changes as its first release in 1995. The organization used the MSN trademark to promote a lot of popular online based services in 1991s. Most remarkably Hotmail and the Microsoft Messenger service, previous to reorganizing a lot of of them in 2005 underneath another trademark, Windows Live.


  • You need to have PC with internet connection
  • You need to have a photo or picture that you need to make fun with it.

Step by Step Guide:

  • Go to the online authorized web site of the Postcards by typing this URL into your internet browser’s URL field or through any search engine.
  • When web page opens, click on the button marked the ‘’Start your Postcard.’’
  • After clicking on ‘’Start you Postcard’’, a lot of different pictures shows on the screen. And you need to choose one picture which you like to create it with your photo.
  • Your selected picture shows on the screen, click on the button marked the ‘’Next Step’’. If you don’t like this picture go to back with your web browser to choose another picture.
  • After clicking on ‘’next Step’’, there are two option available on screen first one is ‘’Browse’’ a picture from your computer hard disc drive and second one is ‘’Select Image’’ from your Facebook profile if you have a FB account. Note your picture should be in the PNG, GIF or JPG format and must not exceed 10MB.
  • So browse your image or select it from your FB profile and create and share your pictures with your friends and family and get fun.


You can create your photos with your desired super star and any favorite personality that like the most.