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Discover the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Tablet

Microsoft has launched its range of next generation smart tablets, the Surface Pro 2 and this – the Windows RT-toting Surface 2, a direct replacement for the original Surface RT. The Surface tablet now posesseses clock speed of 2 4G, bringing far faster LTE connectivity and GPS functionality to the suite of features.

Just last year Microsoft launched Surface as its almost-Windows tablet that nearly succeeded in bringing Windows to the lucrative tablet form factor long dominated by Apple’s more established iPad range of tablets. Indeed the Surface was as thin as an iPad, it came with a full-size USB port and almost full specification Office suite, it had a kick stand to hold it up and you could snap on an amazingly thin keyboard which made the tablet a very versatile appealing device even when weighed up against the market leaders.

Surface Pro Tablet Offers

Not Enough Apps

Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems simply didn’t have a fraction of the iOS and Android application; it is well known that the app store offers many thousands of apps in every imaginable category and choice is often king in this crowded sector. Also on the Microsoft tablet the kickstand didn’t always hold it up in your lap and not every user enjoys using Windows 8 enough to see Surface as a real iPad competitor and must buy or replacement purchase. The impressive features technical or otherwise just didn’t make for impressive sales and ultimately that’s where it counts the most.

For Surface 2, Microsoft has dealt with a significant number of the problem issues, both in hardware and software; as well as improving the underlying technical specification of the tablet. There are two consumer versions of Microsoft Surface 2; both devices have the 1.7GHz Nvidia Tegra 4 chip with 2GB of RAM behind the 1920 by 1080 10.6-inch display screen. It does have a brand new tablet screen (though not Retina Display-class), a improved two-position kick stand, USB 3, a much faster central processing unit, brand new keyboards and all the new features of the Windows 8.1 operating system that a user would demand and expect.

Same Look and Feel

Microsoft Surface 2 tablet still looks very like a Surface tablet of old; with a big black bezel sporting a large Windows button, keenly angled sides and edged corners, additionally now the kick stand folds out at the rear of the surface tablet. The tablet colour has changed considerably as the old matte magnesium alloy chassis design colour is now a pale silver grey rather than the almost black colour sported by the previous model. The case is extremely sturdy and robust; practical and finger-print resistant as ever, the grey simply isn’t as engaging on the plastic bezel at the top that allows the Wi-Fi antenna to get such excellent local area network coverage and range.