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Learn At The Dunkin’ Brand Online University

If you’re the worker at the one of approximately twelve thousand international centers of distribution which are the Dunkin’ brand associated restaurants chain like the Baskin Robbins, Togos sandwich, or the Dunkin’ Donuts shops, then you really can participate in a training opportunity and workplace education given by the this company through this online university. It is the online system of training management which will facilitate you to coach for the success to enhance customer satisfaction and profitability and the self improvement as well.

About Company

Headquarter of this company is situated in the canton in the Massachusetts. This is the online system of training management which uses the e learning, simulation and gaming to teach the employees of this company to improve the service of customer, enhance the productivity, heighten awareness of the brand, cycle times and provides the mergers the means as well of following on the training with workers. Every restaurant of this company has the high speed access of the internet and every worker can get the benefit of this university training through organization’s intranet.

Detailed Guide

  • You should be the employee of this company and you should have the high speed access of the connection of internet
  • Visit:
  • If you’ve the account then you should click on the button which is marked as the login
  • After this read carefully, understand and after this accept the terms and conditions and rules and regulations of the use agreement of this site
  • Type in the valid password and the user identification which you must have got when you were employed in the company and provided the access to this company’s intranet
  • After this start your program of e learning training on the internet.


This university is specified and arranged just for the workers of this company no issue in that subsidiary are the workers working this is obtainable for approximately all of the workers. This teaches the workers to enhance customer satisfaction, profitability, and teaches the customer service, heighten awareness of the brand, enhances productivity, and many more that all comes under the training opportunity that is given to the workers at a place of work.