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Edit Your Photo Using Picnik

Editing pictures have been already a thing that most people consider. Not everyone simply looks good in a photo. However, making use of Photoshoppe and other photo editing platform is somewhat hard to understand and needs a professional to do so. On the other hand, if you are one of those people who are looking out for simple ways to edit your photo, then you could consider Picnik.

 What is Picnik?

Picnik is a photo editing platform that average users could count on. It runs online and not a downloadable one, but you would still have the chance to get your photos and post it to some of the social networking websites around or where you wanted to use it.

How To Edit Your Photo By Using Picnik

  • Requirements
  1. Internet
  2. Computer
  3. Your Pictures
  • Step by step guide
  1. Visit the website- to start the process, visit
  2. Sign up on the website. You will be required to enter your unique user ID and password, together with your name, your e-mail address and your age.
  3. Verify- verifying your account is another thing. You should get into your valid e-mail address and verify your account in the page. You will see ‘click this link to verify your account’. Click it and you will be directed to the main page.
  4. Upload Photo- once you got into the site, you are needed to create an account. Once you are done, click the button that says “upload a photo”.
  5.  After the picture has been uploaded, it will then show up in a certain window having tabs underneath. You should find “edit” and click the smaller tabs like crop, rotate and auto fix and more. Choose whatever you want to get done with your photos.
  6. Effects- once you’re done with editing, you can start getting through the effects. Underneath, you could find a scroll window and choose any sort of effect you want in the picture. These things are simply fun. You can just press the effect you want and then have it on your picture. It’s as easy as that.
  7. Save- right after doing all those steps mentioned above, click on the next tab “save and share”. You can now enter your file name and click the button “save the photo.”

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