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Signing Up At Embarq Mail To Check My Century Link Bill

CenturyLink purchased Embarq mail. In this way EMBARQ was merged in CenturyLink. Customers can still access their EMBARQ e-mail accounts by visiting the official site of CenturyLink and selecting the option of EMBARQ e-mail domain name on the log in page.

About CenturyLink:

The previous name of CenturyLink inc. was EMBARQ and Century Tel. It is basically a telecommunications company that provides services to government agencies, individuals and businesses. The services they provide include cable, home phone and internet. There services are available in local, national and some selected international markets.

How To Sign Up?

  • Access CenturyLink’s official website by going to the .
  • To set up your email account you must first register. On the homepage go to the “My Accounts” option present on the right side of the page at the top and click on it. To make a new account click on the option of “Create Account” below the heading of “Settings”. It will lead you to a new page where you have to select the option of “Set up Primary User Account”. It takes you to the page where you can register.
  • The registration process consists of three steps. The first step is titled as “Validate Account” where you have to enter account number in the given field. If you are high speed internet customer then enter your phone number or broadband identifier in the specified space. And if you are a dial up customer then enter your dial up customer ID in the space given. Finally click on the green button labeled as “Continue”.
  • The second step is about the user agreement. It is advisable to go through the agreement and read it carefully. If you agree to their terms and conditions then continue the process by selecting the agree option.
  • The third and the final step is about the creation of account and this can be done by following the on screen directions. In this way your sign up is complete.
  • Now to access your mail box go back to the homepage and click on the “Email” option. It will take you to the log in page. Enter your username and select the option of “”. Now enter your password and select the “Log in” option below to proceed.
  • You can now view your mails about CenturyLink bills and other.


By signing up at embarq mail you can view your CenturyLink bills by accessing your account and viewing your inbox. The sign up process is simple and fast.