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Find MapQuest Los Angeles Traffic And Directions

MapQuest is a website for providing online service of finding maps and direction. MapQuest has also satellite images to show the map of all over the world for travelers.

Travelers can get print copy of their desire location with also tips for choosing routes.

Los Angeles is helping as a core for national and international passenger and providing cargo traffic. So to travel through the Los Angeles heavy traffic is quite tough. MapQuest helps the travelers to give them direction for way for lesser traffic by getting footage form the satellite. MapQuest is providing very exciting features for the travelers as, Fuel cost calculator, Map &directions, Mobile Apps and lots of other helping features.

Features Of MapQuest:

MapQuest is online service not only for mapping services but providing other services also for their online users. You can find Gas prices to calculate cost of a fuel at your desire location. You can calculate fuel cost in different units like miles and kilometer. There is an option for every user to edit the setting of the fuel calculator according to his will. Here are some more beneficial features listed below:

  • Helping Tips:

MapQuest is providing tips with map direction. It guides you about the shopping mall, streets or watershed location before your turn.

  • Business Location:

You will find this option at the top of the page to get location for hotels, restaurants, malls and other business places on the way that you are searching.

  • Alternative Routes:

It gives you the alternative direct for avoiding from highway and tolls. If you want to avoid from the heavy traffic and getting late then you can find seasonal routes for your destination.

  • Print Map:

After finding the location of your destination from the MapQuest you can avail the print option to get hard copy.

  • Accessing From Mobile:

MapQuest is providing very friendly interface for mobile users. You can avail this feature on cell phone.


       Travelers can get advantages by using this service in many aspects like:

  1. Guides in traffic periods.
  2. Provides all information about direction on your each turn.
  3. Tips for choosing routes.
  4. Shows different routes option for your best decision.
  5. Shows you 360 degree map view.
  6. Can make decision for choosing a way that saves you time.


Aside from advantages there are some limitations for this services that can be the reason of your uncomforting level.

  1. Finding fastest route doesn’t matter for rush hours.
  2. You can only find the alternative direction but not any kind of knowledge like, either route is under construction or not closed for any reason.