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Find Out About Google Glass, Affordable Smart Eyewear


A complete study of Google Glass, Google’s $1,500 wearable portable eyewear computer, conducted earlier this month reveals that the price of the actual components adds up to just $152.47 suggesting that the margin between development costs and the device actually hitting consumer retail is considerable.

The product analysis of Google Glass, performed by IHS, found that the most expensive part of the Glass system is in its fragile frame, which the company priced at $22.

“Today’s Google Glass feels like a prototype,” said Andrew Rassweiler, senior director of cost benchmarking services for IHS, in a statement. “The design employs many off-the-shelf components that could be further optimized. If a mass market for the product is established, chipmakers are expected to offer more integrated chipsets specific to the application that will greatly improve all aspects of performance, including processing speed, energy efficiency, weight and size.”

The second-most expensive component of the Google Glass eyewear, according to IHS, is its square lens, made by Taiwan’s Himax Technologies, at a cost of $20.

So called smart wear, in this case eye wear that lets you access Google technology while on the go has yet to prove itself among businesses and consumers as much more than a passing fad. Inevitably though as the tech matures so will the interest rise amongst purchasers. What the sector really needs is a killer piece of technology that is practical and fashionable and at realistic and  attainable prices to drive strong sales.