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Find People With Zaba Search

Zaba search is helping the people to be connected. It has provided the opportunity to find the people online if you have lost or forget their address now you can approach them by this online service. The publicly available sources of information are used to find a person. Some people think of it that personal information may get leaked but it is clarified by the service providers that only the information which is publicly available is shown and the personal information is not exposed. You can find a person free of cost with Zaba search.

About Company:

Zaba search is a website which is providing you the information of a person you want to find including names, current and past address, birth years, and phone numbers. It is claimed by the company that the information provided by them is already accessible on other government and private websites. In February, 2005 this website was developed by Nick Matzoriks. The search by this website is completely free.


  • You must have a computer which can access internet easily
  • The person you want to find must be present in United States
  • You must know the correct name of the person you are finding


  • Firstly you have to visit the official website on the following address
  • You are given with three fields which you have to fill i.e. name, country or state and number
  • First enter the name in the required field
  • If you know the country or state of the person you want to search then select a state from the drop down menu
  • If you know the phone number of the person you also can type it in the field of “phone number”
  • After giving the information click on the button marked “search”
  • Results are shown in a list of the related name and also the address is given that you can reach the person and identify easily
  • If you need some other information or facing any kind of problem in finding a person you may get help by visiting the following link


Zaba search has made the finding process easy and quick. If you have to meet a person and you have lost the address or any contact number now you can get it by Zaba search. The thing you need is to give the name of the person you want to find.