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Submit Your Ford Owner Rebates Claim Online

One should always make sure whether the suppliers from whom they buy something claim the rebate or not. You should also keep an eye on whether the things provided to you are on discounted rates or full. Ford Motor owns an online center for receiving rebate requests where they have provided their customers to submit their rebate requests. When customers submit their rebate request they are in mean time updated about their details through the email. Duration of almost 6 weeks takes place for receiving the claim after the rebate request has been submitted.

About Company:

Number of services is being provided by the ford motor company. Their services include vehicle leasing, vehicle services etc. At the level of U.S based companies it is on the second largest number. If we take into account the world based makers and the yearly growth rate of vehicles then it is the fifth largest one. Headquarter of this American company is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The founder who introduced the methods for large-scale manufacturing of cars in June 16, 1903 was Henry Ford.

Method for Submitting the Claim Online:

Now submitting a rebate request has been made easy through the online procedure. Now you will face no difficult of submitting like before. Now there is no need to send rebate request to Ford through mail or no need to go to their exact location and office. As now online rebate request are taken.


  • You should have access to the internet.
  • You also need to be well educated person so that you can read all the instructions given to you. Otherwise you will commit some error.
  • You must have used a ford motor service recently. Even then you are eligible for completing the procedure.

Stepwise Guidance:

  • Go to :
  • There will be an option saying “Get you rebates”. Click on it and you will be taken further.
  • Boxes will appear. Provide the details in those given boxes like a small calendar will be there and you have to choose the date of service, the identification number of your vehicle.
  • You also need to mention the dealers location or you may write his name in the given box. After this you have to click on “continue”.
  • Further instructions will come and you have to complete them for completing your whole process of rebate claim.
  • For any queries, you may contact


So just by going through these very few easy steps you may claim rebate at ford owner online. Now no need at all for you to go somewhere for your claim, just by sitting at home you can do it easily. Ford rebate gives your money back because they value you as you have bought their products and made their services good. So feel free to claim your rebate anytime.