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How Do You Log On To CVS Learnet?

It is an official website that is usually the destination of tracking, managing and accessing your education and learning. Generally, the website is compatible with window 7, vista, XP and window 2000. Keep in mind that it is not compatible with Apple and MAC PC. If you use the non-compatible system then you cannot track the results and take the courses as well because the company provides the unique e-learning programs and solutions that successfully linked with the leading providers of the educational content. The leading online solution offers the healthcare professionals with the convenient way to get the high quality online education that usually qualifies for the live CE credit.


  • A computer with internet access.
  • Employee ID that is available on your paycheck.
  • SSN (social security number).

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  • First of all, it is important to open the browser by using the internet accessibility.
  • After that enter the URL of the website in the navigation bar of the internet browser.
  • The first step you will take is to enter the employee ID that is printed on your paycheck and you also get it through your supervisor.
  • After that enter the password in the required field.
  • The password will be the last four digits of your social security card number.
  • You will be prompted to change the password from this website.
  • After providing the last digits of social security number in the field “password”.
  • You will click on the button “login” to access the account.

You should remember that this website is for the use of official users only. The individuals who are using the system without any right or in surplus of their authority may subject to having all of their actions on this computer monitored or recorded by the system personnel.


This is the website where you may see or complete the training curriculum. In this way, the custom authority will simply assist you to spend the leisure hours. On the other hand, the authorize employees can track their continuing learning and educational courses because they provides the best internet learning programs and education available via online seminar room. You can get this opportunity by using the internet access.