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How To Get Access Social Services Verifier At Securitas e-Pay Payroll

This online service is providing you great services to get faster result for the applicant. On providing just social security number they verify the person income history and employment record at previous job. You can find the unreported report for jobs, income and preserving funds information. They have huge data base to store employees and employer data in their database. They update regularly the fresher reports of employees to provide latest information. This service reduces the fraud risk of a third-party. They are very confident to give to you the details which are absolutely verified by any verifier.


How To Get Access?

  • Visit this website
  • Go to the option on the top of the page “Visit my other sites”, choose the work number home option.
  • On the next page go to the main menu option above the page.
  • If you are not registered then click on ‘Not register” and navigate to the registration page.
  • Read the instructions for membership agreement and click on “continue”.
  • Provide “Agency Information” by entering agency name, type, DBA, contact information, and agency tax & revenue details.
  • On the second section provide” Audit and Credit Reporting Compliance” details.
  • On the third section provide “billing information” with valid data.
  • Give credit card detail and choose the option bellow for your account features.
  • At the last give them “Apartment/Property Management” details by typing and choosing the given options.
  • Click on “continue” to complete the registration steps.

How To Verify Social Services?

  • Select option “Social Service Verifier” on the next page find option “Login”
  • Provide “User ID” and click on “Continue”
  • Provide “Password” and click on “login” option.
  • Select option for the permissible purpose and click on “Continue”
  • Provide “SSN” and “Tracking number” in the blanks boxes and click on “Continue” option.
  • For the order verification click the “Record” from the given options.
  • At the next page review the order and click on the “Confirm Order”.
  • Review your social service verification page for your order.


Equifax gives you the faster and verified data by this online service. Employer has no need to table talk with the applicant to inquire its previous experience and job experience.