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How To Purchase Used & Unlocked Mobile Phone?

In these days, buying a used and unlocked cell phone is really a unique & decisional process. There are numerous pros & cons of purchasing used and unlocked cell phone such as; if you are not able to meet the mandatory requirement of new mobile through contract agreement of a dealer/authorized person who is providing the services in this regard, or when you do not have par to purchase new mobile due to high cost and when your pocket does not allow you to take such type of step which are uncontrollable. These used mobile can be purchased from any person privately or from any cell phone local shop. This type of selling and purchasing give you a chance through which you can completely test and examine the cell phone by its functions and battery timing. However, you can also buy from internet site, where you see variety of cell phone model and different price model-wise & look-wise, but the main disadvantage of buying mobile from internet is that you cannot physically test and examine it. So you have to be very conscious for buying used and unlock cell phone and also have to confirm whether the mobile which you are going to purchase is compatible with network or not. Here are significant and beneficial guidelines for buying used and unlock mobile.

1: Know About Your Network

Whatever the mobile you are going to purchase, one thing should be kept in mind that mobile should be compatible and well-matched with the current network which is available in the region where you reside. This technology can be CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) or can be GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication). Your mobile usually have these types of technology and you have to make it sure that mobile has one of these technologies.

  • If you want to use SIM(Subscriber Identity Mobile) in your mobile, you have to purchase GSM technology in your mobile for its compatibility. e.g T-Mobile and AIT mobile work on this technology and SIM can be used in them.
  • If you want to activate your mobile through ESN (Electronic Serial Number) you may purchase CDMA technology for this purpose as it does not use SIM. This technology can be utilized in Verizon as well as Sprint as both are made on CDMA technology.

2: Know About Frequency Bands

While buying used and unlocked mobile phone, you have to know that some mobiles are available which do work within the specific region whereas some do work internationally.

  • If you have aimed to purchase mobile phone that can be used in North America, you have to purchase it with the frequency level with the assortment of 850 to 1900.
  • If you have planned to move outside from North America to Europe, you have to select cell phone with the frequency bands from the assortment of 900 to 1800.

Purchasing From Local Person/Retailer

1: Determine The Place From Where You Are Going To Buy

You can also purchase used and unlocked cell phone from any person (Friend or Relative) or from the retail store where these cell phones are sold after renovation.

  • You can buy these cell phones from your local vendor who is doing this business in your area or you can also make online search for seeking local vendor. For this purpose, you have to type “How Can We Buy Used & Unlocked Mobile Phone?” then you can find lock shop from where you can get it easily.
  • For online purchasing of cell phone, you should see different ads on different websites, for example you can contact with Craigslist which provides the facility to make your contact with local person for buying mobile.

2: Properly Examine The Condition Of Used Cell Phone

However, the cell phone which you are going to purchase looks physically nice, but you have to make it sure that it should not be water or body wise damaged.

  • For examining, take out the mobile cover and bring out battery from mobile.
  • Carefully look inside the cell phone, where the battery is inserted, you will find many dots and stickers. If you see that round dots on sticker has turned red it shows that your phone is water damaged, so avoid purchasing it.

3: Check Out Each & Every Function Of Your Mobile

Always check out the software and function of mobile is necessary. Check out whether the shopkeeper is allowing you warranty of mobile phone or agree to exchange mobile in case of any problem or he can refund amount.

  • Switch on your mobile phone and check out all the parts of your mobile such as; check flip of the mobile, slide function, connect charger with cell phone for proper charging, antennae function and other parts.
  • On the time of purchase, make a call outside through your mobile and send a text SMS or MMS to any person who is nearer to you. Also check out the internet services through your mobile. Similarly, ask your friend to send the same to your mobile for properly checking incoming and outgoing services.

4: Do Verify The Policies & Procedures Of Seller

You must have to determine the rules and regulation of shopkeeper because if you find any problem after purchase, you can return or exchange cell phone.

  • If you are going to purchase from your friend or family person or from shopkeeper, you must ask the question why he or she is selling the same. The answer of this question will clarify the main error or problem in the mobile phone.

Purchasing Mobile Phone Online

1: Selection Of Website For Purchasing Cell Phone

If you have failed to find desirable mobile from the local zone, then you can make online search for purchasing used and unlocked cell phone.  There are number of auction websites which are providing this facility for buying the same e.g eBay and many more.

  • For buying mobile online, go to any search engine and type as “Used & Unlocked Mobiles” you will see many websites who are providing these services.

2: Always Verify Policies & Procedures Before Buying

It is essential to check out the policies and procedures of website from where you want to purchase mobile phone, as online buying does not provides you the facility of physical checking of mobile phone.

  • Thoroughly read out the selling policies of websites from where you are going to purchase mobile in regard of return and exchange because some time your purchased mobile does not work properly.
  • Before purchasing mobile from any website, always read out the comments of peoples who have already purchased mobile phone from the same website.  This will help you for knowing about the reputation and worth of this website in the market.