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Access Your Exchange Email And Calendar At UPMC

This is the ten billion dollars integrated worldwide nonprofit enterprise of health. This has approximately fifty four thousand employees. This has twenty hospitals and medical centers, four thousand two hundred beds, four hundred offices of doctors and outpatient sites. This has 1.5 million member in the division of health insurance and international and commercial ventures as well. This is very closely associated with academic partner, university of the Pittsburg. This company is committed to delivering and developing the life changing medications or medicines and this is a one of top systems of health in United States of America. This is the recognized innovator in the information technology. This has deployed the electronic record of health all over its medical centers and the hospitals and this is developing the semantic solution of interoperability to unify the information from the several of systems.

This has made the genuinely integrated system of healthy delivery, with the famous centers of the excellence in the cancer, transplantation, psychiatry, rehabilitation, neurosurgery and health of women. This is presently ranked at the number ten in nation on United States.

Step By Step Guide:

  •  To access the exchange email and calendar, go to the website at the
  • Here at this site you will get the four different options, if you want the access the email exchange and calendar then click on this link
  • Then the login page will open
  • Tick on the security
  • Tick on the box which says use light edition of the outlook web application
  • After this type in your correct user name into the required box
  • Then type in your correct password into the required box
  • You get the user name and the password after the registration
  • In the end of the signing in process click on the purple button which is marked as the login.


By log in at the upmc, you will get the access to the exchange e mail and the calendar. You can get the several of other benefits as well. You will get the information about the life changing medicines. The sign in process is easy and this just takes couple of minutes to complete.