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Take Part In The Del Taco Customer Satisfaction Survey

With the introduction of online customer satisfaction surveys companies try their best to achieve the high rating of satisfaction level from their customers. If the level is low, they strive for getting it to the top position. Del Taco online survey is also made for this very purpose. They want to get clear idea about the opinions of the people who visited them and ate the food from their restaurant chains. Improvement through surveys is the best way as in this there is no doubt about the thinking of customers.

About Del Taco:
Paul Murphy is the chairmen and CEO of this fast food restaurant chain. It is located in the United States and preferred by all the people living there. The Headquarter of this food chain is situated in the Lake Forest, California. They deal mainly in providing the Mexican cuisine in their chains. Their burger, French fries and shakes of different flavors have become the reason of their popularity. For the first time in 1964, this restaurant was founded in Yermo, California. They have over 526 locations spread whole around the US.


  • Internet should be working perfectly in your area.
  • Computer device must be in the perfect working condition.
  • Only the residents of United States can participate in the survey.
  • Loss of receipt means loss of survey completion.

Step By Step:

  • Visit:
  • Select your desire language
  • First of all provide your receipt number to them. From this, they will know the proper time and date when you visited their food chain.
  • Tell them the overall satisfaction level of your last visit.
  • Fill out all the questions that come forward.
  • Tell them about the quality of their food items and taste.
  • In the suggestion box, you may suggest some food items or dishes you would like them to add in their menu.
  • When everything answered click the button of Submit.

Be honest while telling Del Taco about your satisfaction rate. Do not give them double standards. They need your loyal comments and opinions. Never fill out the survey if you are taking it just for fun or amusement, fill the whole survey seriously.