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Pay Your Metro PCS Phone Bill On The Internet

The Metro PCS communications that was previously known and called as the General wireless is the provider of the mobile service in United States of America. With approximately nine million purchasers all over United States of America, this has fifty biggest networks of mobile telecommunications. This had its name modified to present one in order to reflect their goal of providing the unlimited and affordable services of wireless in the big metropolitan places.

The MetroPCS bill of phone payment online is a service given by this company for their purchasers who might require paying the phone bills on the internet in the several of different methods. With the mobile number and zip code given together with the debit or the credit card that has function of payment on the internet.


  • You should give the zip code for identification of service on the internet
  • You should offer the mobile number and you should have the debit or the credit card with payment online function.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit
  • After reaching at this web page click on the option pay my bill, you can find this option in center of a web page.
  • Type in the zip code and after this click on a button which is marked as Get started
  • And in new web page, type in the mobile number, and credit or the debit card number, with security code of three digit on a back of the credit or debit card and date of the expiry as well in the required fields
  • In the end type in the amount of payment you would like to submit
  • This is really very simple and easy process to pay your mobile phone bills


Now you can really make the payment on the internet for the phone bills of metro PCS at the official website of this company with the credit or debit card and the mobile number, you can reimburse the mobile phone bill anytime, anywhere you would like with the access of the high speed connection of the internet. Payment can apply in just 120 minutes since the submission. This is really very easy, simple, and time saving way to pay the mobile phone bill.