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Privacy Policy

Collecting information regarding you is essential for us to make you a part of us but we have our own policies on the basis of which we collect the information required form the users and there are certain boundaries which we like to keep for all. These policies have been designed for the benefit of the both parties.

Personal Info Regarding Identification

  • It is necessary for the members to provide us with the basic information if they want to join us.
  • The personal information required is your name, e-mail address, phone number and mailing address but all this after the user accepts that he or she is willing to share the information.
  • If the user is not willing to provide the required information then he or she will not be pressurized o do it on the other hand this action of declining the information providing will end up in their declination of some activities related to the site.
  • There is no other way to get the information except from the user himself or herself only.

Technical Info Regarding Identification

  • The technical information is taken by the site once the user visits the home page.
  • The technical information provides the facts about:

(a)    The browser being used by the user

(b)   The device being used by the user

(c)    The source through which the user has been directed to the site

(d)   The service providers of the user

(e)    The operating system of the user

Information Requirement And Its Uses

It is essential for us to have some information regarding our users so that we can use them to figure out that what exactly do our users what from us. We can also use this information to check out your performance and demands in group activity on the site. The use of services and resources and the manner in which they are used by the users are also understood by us easily with the help of information. It becomes very easy to respond to help requests and provide assistance with your information available.  You will also be receiving the topics of your interest by mail and along with that you will also be provided with notifications regarding the latest activity on the site in mail. If the user is not happy or satisfied with the notifications then he can simply undo the notification alerts and stop getting it.


The material which has been used by us and is written by our writers is the one to which we hold the copyright and you can take complete benefit of this material until it stays on our website. Even if you are using it for your other purposes or on your site then you are not allowed to use our information and you can be blacklisted under the case of plagiarism.

Cookie Collaboration

It is our latest way to sent cookies to your system so that our website can coordinate with you completely on the other hand if you are not willing to get these cookies then you can simply change your “cookie settings”. Once you have changed your settings then the website might not provide you the complete functions which it should be providing with the cookies. You can also simply lessen the sharing of your cookies it will give you the performance much better than by blocking them all.

 Providing Protection

We take complete responsibility of your information and that is why we secure it strongly. We completely discourage invasion of our or yours privacy. To avoid such mishaps we take great measures so that the information you are providing us stays safe and secure and is not edited or misused by any other third party. However if you are found guilty or involved in criminal acts then we will not hesitate to share your information with the authorities since we also want a safe and secure environment for our users.

Sharing Is Not Our Thing

Sharing the information of our users is simply unacceptable and against our norms. We do not share your information with any user and it is only shared up to the extent of your choice and neither do we share your information with any other.  On the hand we may share your information with a third party who is helping us operate and conduct our website. The information shared with them will also be according to your preferences. On the other hand if you are not willing towards the sharing of your information then it might cause problems with our best performance towards you because some of our applications will be unable to work effectively due to this information denial.

Some Cookies, Adsense And Advertisements

There are advertisements and then the Ads by Google, both of these advertisements use cookies so that they can perform more efficiently and can impress you. It is completely up to you that are you willing to have this transfer of cookies or not. The Google Adsense however does not use cookies and are simply very tame ads for your convenience.

The Compliance Of Privacy Protection Act By Children’s Online

We do not take information from the users under 13 because the information like this is very important and essential that is why if we are having the information that a certain user is below the age of 13 then we simply don’t allow him to enter. Our website content is drawn in the manner that no user who is less than 13 years old can be tempted with its contents.

We Can Change

Our privacy policies must be read attentively although it is greatly advised that our users and the new members must keep on reading this page with specific intervals of time because we are having all the rights to change or alter or to add a new clause in the policy. The newly altered or added policies will be added right below the page so that you won’t be needing to skim the whole page if you are not willing to.

The Automatic Acceptance

Once you have been directed to our homepage and you start using our website then you won’t be asked to tick a box to accept our terms and uses instead your acceptance to our policies and terms will be considered once you start using our website and any action against them will be the reason enough for us to take actions against you.

Contact Us For Any Further Inquiry Or Help

If you are having a query or if you want to ask us about anything then you can contact us easily. Don’t hesitate to ask. If you want to simply comment then you can post your comment and we will be happy to receive your feedback but the use of abusive language or vulgar posts is strictly prohibited.

Application Of The Policy

This policy is applied not just on the site users but also the users of the applications and services provided by the site. This is the best and the most accepted way to keep a peaceful and beneficial environment on the site and keep it in control. For our best services you will have to respect our policies.