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Register for the The Wellesley Savings Bond for upto 7% APR

The Wellesley Savings Bond gives you the opportunity to receive far better return than traditional savings accounts or the banks ever can, simply by investing in Wellesley Finance Plc. The savings bond offers interest rate returns of between 6% and 7% gross which is high for the banking sector. Initial fixed terms of 3, 4 and 5 years are available. Wellesley is one of several popular peer to peer lending firms who are geared towards attracting high and medium liquidity investors who are frustrated by the low financial return on savings rates found at most banks.

In a peer to peer system your investment funds will typically be lent to other individuals and businesses. New companies and entrepreneurs are increasingly turning to online peer to peer lenders as an alternative to the restrictive banks, either because they have been refused finance credit or a loan or due to better interest rates. This does not mean that Wellesley lends to high risk firms or individuals as all borrowers are properly vetted with credit checks and accounts vetting but it means that their lending criteria is just different to the banks. While your money is safe there is always a small measure of risk which most investors will see as generally acceptable.

How are Funds Used at Wellesley Savings Bond ?

Funds that you invest may be used for a variety of legitimate financial purposes since Wellesley is always seeking considerable funding in order to expand its business and lending capability to more and more keen businesses. After a successful first year of lending and the Peer-to-Peer lending model received well in the lending and investing community it is time to expand on our ability to participate in the market in order to consolidate their position as one of the UK’s leading providers of funding and capital return.

As an investor you can register for a Wellesley Savings Bond by joining their web site, the minimum deposit is just £10

  • Minimum financial investment at Wellesley is £100 and thereafter in multiples of £10
  • The investing facility is offered to UK based Individuals, Companies and trusts
  • The Wellesley Savings Bond may be positioned in a Self Invested Pension Plan (SIPP)

Wellesley Savings Bond – Savings at a Glance

The Wellesley Savings Bond is designed to be a straightforward investment process without necessary paperwork or red tape. Bondholders lend their money directly to Wellesley Finance Plc in return for a fixed rate of interest which is paid twice per annum. At the end of the investment term, the full amount of your investment will be repaid in full. All interest is paid net of basic tax calculated at 20%. Bond holders may ask Wellesley Finance that their bond be ended prematurely. All requests are subject to liquidity and are considered at the discretion of company management.

Financial Risks of Wellesley Savings Bond

As mentioned there are some financial risks; as funds are lent to many firms there is always the risk that one will default, in short do not commit ALL your savings to Wellesley Savings bonds just that which you could afford to go without. In most cases investors will see a very handsome return on their financial investment with payouts twice a year. In the context of fairly miserable savings rates at most banks, for example 1.25% is a common rate it is easy to see the attraction of using investment bonds.

Borrowers at Wellesley cannot just use funds without being vetted, businesses need a good trading history and should be of low risk of default, after all the model is based on the money being paid back to investors in full. To join Wellesley Savings Bonds and find out more visit to register interest.