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Signup For Bing Webmaster Tool

You are suggested to sign up for this search engine this is because like other search engines such as yahoo and Google, this search engine is also for free. Although Bing won’t be able to attract for you as many visitors as you are expecting but we still are sure and confident that you must give it a try and spend at least 15 minutes out of your precious time in order to setup a Bing Webmaster account because it is worth it.

What Are Bing Webmaster Tools Are Used For:

1)      You are able to check through it the statistics of the website.

2)      You would be able to find here robots.txt validator which will prove to be very useful thing for you.

3)      You are able and have the option to submit the XML sitemaps to the section of Bing search.

4)      With the help of it you are able to check and verify the crawl frequency as well as all the crawl errors.

5)      Moreover you have also the opportunity to check the strength of those pages.

Step By Step Guide

1)      If you already are the user of Bing Webmaster Tools then you can simply move on to its site and sign in through the account you already have as if you are the regular user. But on the other hand if you are going to use it for the very first time then firstly you need to create an account by following the link named as ‘create a new Bing (Live) account’.

2)      When you have signed in hit click to the button states “Add A Site” which will be on Webmaster Tools.

3)      Once you are done with the upper instructions then hit click to the link which states “Verify” in order to proceed and then follow the upcoming instruction which you would be able to see on the screen. You have 2 options to go for, such as you can add to your home page a meta-tag or on the other hand you can upload a specific html file. It is preferable to go for the html file as you have the option to use it again for any other website.

4)      When file is uploaded hit click to verify and you will have the access to the data about your web.