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Participate In The Kum & Go Survey

Kum and Go is usually the chain of convenience store that has an aim to become the leader in the Niche by year 2021. The information of the firm has stood basically for the community based customer services conveniently. They provides the best quality in fuel stations and fresh food to the customers on go in states on north Dakota, Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, Minnesota, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Colorado and Arkansas. They conduct the surveys to know the feedback of their customers so that they can easily figure out the services and products and improve them. The survey online forms are usually read out by all level of the management and employees. It consists on single page that doesn’t require any effort to complete. It simply concentrates to capture the purchasing habits of consumers of company to make adjustment and changes in the collection of services that they offered.

Step By Step Guide:
  • Open the browser and type the URL survey.kumandgo.comin the navigation bar.
  • First of all, you will enter the 12 digit code as it appears on the receipt.
  • Enter the code without using any punctuation marks and spaces.
  • Select the specific age from the given brackets.
  • Choose the gender from the list such as male or female.
  • If you don’t like to show the gender then you can select the “prefer not to respond” option.
  • After that indicate the buying habits at the store and likely to recommend the friend and family to shop from the store.
  • Next, you will give the rate to the following questions that based on your shopping experience.
  • The survey process may require to rate the performance of store on ease, speed of the shopping experience, cleanliness and some other features.
  • Tell the frequency of the store visits or primary buy products.
  • After that go to text boxes, give the further details and information about shopping experience.
  • You can also give the suggestions and comments for the improvement.
  • At the end, enter your full name, state, city, phone number, email address and zip code.
  • Finally, click on the button “submit”.

The surveys are a great way to get the feedback of the customers. The responses of customers are used to make the services better. When you will submit the customer survey form, you will receive the notification. Fill out in the eligibility/liability clause form; return it to the company within fourteen days of the winning notice.