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Using Onkyo Music

Infolinks 2015 Onkyo music is expanding its reach into new territories. Streaming music services are booming in popularity, most of us will have heard of Napster, Spotify and Google Play.
However nearly ten years after launching e-onkyo in Japan, Onkyo has announced that its high resolution music download service is expanding into three more countries.
Onkyo music comes with the offer of hundreds of thousands of song tracks available in audio rates of 24-bit/44.1kHz up to 192kHz. Like similar services and app will control the interface and availability of music.

The good news for fans of streaming music fans on these shores is that the UK is one of that trio of new territories, together with the US and Germany.

Onkyo Music as it’s being called here is provided by the manufacturer in partnership with 7digital.

The service is planning to make tracks and albums available at competitive prices and in local currency. It means you will be able to buy a high resolution album for the equivalent of $15-$20 and individual tracks for $3-$4 per song which is fairly competitive pricing.

All the digital music you purchase from Onkyo Music will be stored in a cloud based storage suite so you can download to multiple devices such as a phone or tablet device.

“Unique” promotions are planned by Onkyo and 7digital, alongside “special features and unique editorial” in order to keep a high level of sustained interest in the music streaming service.
The Digital Streaming Boom

Digital streaming is experiencing a consumer boom, not only is there significant demand for content but also for high fidelity audio systems to process the sound and pump it around the home.