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Ways To Apply Jordans Furniture Power Charge Financing Help

At some point, people face changes in lives and it involves money. Money come and go and at this stage, people need financing assistance to manage their needs, their wants and even to pay back their debts. Are you one of those people? Well, the solution is fairly easy, as you could always find financing assistance almost anywhere.

About Jordans Furniture Power Charge

The Jordans Furniture Power Charge is pleased to give you a financing program in conjunction with the Capital One in order to help in making the furnish of your home a fairly easy one. This is actually where the Power Charge has been known. Some of the Power Charge plans that you could take are, there will be no interest for 48 equal monthly payments and no interest for the 36 equal monthly payments.

Apply Jordans Furniture Power Charge Financing Help

  • Requirements
  1. Internet connection
  2. Computer
  • Step by step guide
  1. You need to firstly visit the Jordans Furniture Power Charge main website. See the URL below.
  2. You should then create your account first in order for you to sign in. Look for the ‘Sign Up’ page and register for your account. You need to provide some of your personal and contact information. There should also be a username and a password. Right after filling in the blanks, you should click ‘continue’.
  3. You need now to go to your email address and confirm your account. Click the confirmation link and you will be directed to another page.
  4. Login to your account is next. Use your registered username and password.
  5. In order to start your application, you should visit their ‘Financing Details’ and download their application.
  6. There will be a PDF page and you need to download.
  7. Once you had download the file, you need to fill it up with the right information. It will include your full personal information, your mailing address and your signature as well.
  8. Once filled out, you should then return it to the nearest Jordans Furniture Power Charge store.
  9. Wait for the application approval.

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