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Windows Holographic Microsoft HoloLens” headset

Introducing the Microsoft HoloLens” headset. Windows 10, the new update to the well known OS goes beyond satisfying just the needs of large corporations. The OS reaches into the living room, to gamers, entrepreneurs and workers like never before and incorporates support for the Microsoft HoloLens” headset a new way of interacting.

Part of this vision is encapsulated in the way we interact with information. “We’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds beyond screens,” a Microsoft representative said.

Ingrained in the Windows Holographic is the “Microsoft HoloLens” headset, pictured in this article. It’s the “most advanced holographic computer the world has ever seen,” Microsoft says.

It’s fully hands free and not connected by wires or cables, and features see-through HD holographic imagery. The Microsoft HoloLens” headset includes spatial sound, meaning that listeners can detect sounds all around you. The Microsoft HoloLens” headset also has advanced sensors that can process and display environmental information. What’s more, the HoloLens features a built in Graphics Processor and CPU so it it is self sufficient in that sense and very complete.

“We invented a third processor. A holographic processing unit,” Microsoft said. “The HPU gives us the ability to understand where you’re looking, to understand your gestures, to understand your voice, to spatially map your environment, to run without wires … all in real-time.”

However this is not Oculus VR. The Microsoft HoloLens” headset accommodates a very separte market niche although obviously comparisons will be drawn.

“Oculus Rift, Magic Leap, Glass developers and everyone else, we humbly invite you–come create holograms with us,” a representative said.

HoloLens will work entirely as a standalone device, so actually a laptop pc or smart phone is a complimentary accessory, it is not actually needed to use the Microsoft HoloLens” headset. Certainly the new headset from Microsoft is an exciting indicator of the future in terms of how we interact with and process the information at our finger tips.