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Reorder Your Checks Online Via Bank Of America

A very good and helpful service is provided to the customers by the Bank of America. One of their great services is reorder the checks online. This service helps the account holders to reorder their checks online very easily and without wastage of time. Reordering checks online helps customers in many ways. They do not need to call the customer services centers. Now just by sitting at their home or in their office PC or laptop, they can reorder their checks. Now they do not have to wait for a very long time. Now everything has been set for your own suitability and convenience.

About Company:

Bank of America is the largest bank around the world and is located in United States. It is working with great enthusiastically in more than 15 countries to serve their clients. It has relationships with the top 500 companies of the world. They always try to provide their best financial services to their customers.


You need to go through series of steps for reordering your checks online. Before these steps there are also certain requirements which are to be fulfilled. If these demands are not fully completed then the process will not proceed further. So to help you following requirements are for you:

  • The very first and main requirement is that you must have access to the internet. Without it you cannot open your desired websites. So a computer should be there with facility of internet connection.
  • A checking account in bank of America is necessary one.
  • Being account holder in Bank of America is one of the main requirements.

Steps Involved:

  • Visit:
    A page will appear in which they will ask about your location.
  • There will be a drop down menu and from that you have to choose your location from a list of locations available.
  • There will be button ‘Go’ Click on it.
  • A link will appear and then click on the one which is with the wording ‘Reorder checks’.

There are two conditions for reordering your checks:

  • If you have already entered or joined Bank of America Online banking then you simply have to sign in to the online banking. After selecting then on the customer service page you will choose Reorder checks.
  • Second one condition is that if you have not joined Online banking of Bank of America then you have to click on “enroll now”. After selection further instructions will be given to you. When enrollment is finished then you can sign in and easily reorder your checks.


Thus through Bank of America’s great service you can now easily reorder your checks online very easily in a very short time. All you need to do is follow the above steps and requirements and do the reordering process quickly and very easily.