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Bank Of America EDD Debit Card Online Activation

Bank of America and EDD (Employment Development Department) are two join forces to help those who are unemployed and seeking help. Monthly credits are cashed in their debit cards which are then through the services of California transferred to other people and places. The EDD debit card is a new way of receiving benefits. This EDD debit cards validity is for three years from the day it is issued. These are accepted everywhere.

About Bank Of America:

 It is considered as one of the best online banks around the globe. Worldwide their services are being provided. In United States it is the leading bank company. It has succeeded rapidly in establishing its offices in many of the countries. Bank of America has also developed strong and cordial relationships with other companies.


In this you will be told the whole method about how you can activate your EDD debit card but before activating, there are certain requirements which you must fulfill.

  • The very first requirement is that you must have the Bank of America debit card.
  • Person should have approach to the Bank of America ATM and the Pin.
  • Through phone should be able to dial 800-432-1000.
  • You must have access to the internet so you can visit their website.

Guide For Activating:

  • Having the debit card of Bank of America is a must thing.
  • Through internet access you must visit the website credit cards website of the Bank of America.
  • Through your PIN, you will need to activate your credit card and for this you have to access Bank of America ATM.
  • If any error occurring during activation from the ATM then you need to call customer service center for assistance.
  • For this, call 800-432-1000 for the activation of your card.
  • If still problem persisting and card is not activating then you have to visit website that is Bank of America EDD debit card homepage i.e.
  • Over there click on “Activate my Card”.
  • After this you need to enter card number and expiration date on the activation website.
  • Finishing the given boxes and providing details click on the button “continue”.
  • Then activation process will be completed and your card will be activated.

So, by following these few easy steps you can activate your EDD Debit card. Now you will never have to wait for checks. After this you have to tension free and you are free to take funds anytime. Now just hurry and activate it sooner.