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Join British Airways For Online Lost Baggage Claim

It happens when you travel from one place to another that you mishandle your bags or the travelling authority at the airlines does the mishandling and you lose your bag. If such happens with you at the British Airways then you can submit a claim to get your things back or else get compensation on the bag. For doing that you just have to fill the claim form. In order to get the claim form and fill it to make the claim you just have to follow the given guide and it would lead you to the right ways in order to get your things back.


  • First of all you will access the page by the link .
  • Then you will click on the country name from the drop down option and then you will have to enter the language that you would want.
  • After that you will appear at the next page where you will have to click from the many different options of making the claim on the one that says “Start a claim for the missing bag”.
  • Click on the link “Start a claim for baggage compensation “ after that you will be navigated to the next page where you will see the form.
  • Enter your basic information like business name, title, name, address, city , country, post code, preference method of the contact, telephone and email address.
  • Give details about the journey like flight name, date of flight, arrival and destination, airport name where name you collect your baggage.
  • Give information about the baggage like number of bags, receipt reference, PIR reference and other ones.
  • Enter your baggage information individually by providing size, color, appearance etc.
  • Fill the section for “On Arrival” and “your Claim “with appropriate information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and click on “Submit” button.


  • Before you make the claim make sure you read the terms and condition to demand the claim.
  • Enter your authentic information because wrong information can get you in trouble.
  • Give your authentic e-mail and contact numbers so that you can be easily contacted.


  • The online procedure is easy.
  • You do not have to visit the airport to make the claim. It takes a little time and effort to make the claim online.

About Company:

British Airways are the popular National Airlines of the United Kingdom which offer a safe and secure journey to its passengers. It works for the better services but in case of any trouble it co-operates with an open heart.