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Cici’s Pizza Guest Survey Offers Free Piza Slice

In the business industry, you are simply as good that you give to your clients. This is for the reason that most of the businesses around would try to ensure that they are simply upon the right side of what their clients totally feel in a constant manner. One of the businesses that will ensure that their entity is definitely on the side of their clients is Cici’s Pizza. They are even conducting a survey by using their customers with the sounding board of sorts.

What You Should Know About Cici’s Pizza:

Cici’s restaurant is one of the best brand names of American buffet chain based in Texas. The chain’s main selling point is that, all of their Pizza variants being sold here will only retail for the sum of about $5. This kind of franchise is a family oriented one with the number of 6 hundred franchises to date within the 35 states around the US. Such entity offers about 200 varieties of pizza and an array of desserts, pasta and salad that will definitely delight your feelings.

  • Requirements:
  1. Internet
  2. Computer
  3. Cici’s Pizza receipt
  • Step By Step Guide:
  1. You must get to the main website of Cici’s Pizza Survey First. See the URL below.
  2. Enter the number of the store on the survey invitation, which is also your receipt.
  3. You should also enter the date that is located at the top of your survey invitation. Once done, you can now click “Start”.
  4. You’ll be taken to a certain portal, wherein many different websites are dealing with issues concerning the Cici’s Pizza. Such websites are ranging from the complexity of getting bonuses up to providing reviews on what is actually needed.
  5. Once you got on the kind of survey you want to take into, you should now answer all the questions and just make it sure that you are honest about it.
  6. Once done, you will be entered into the sweepstakes of Cici’s Pizza and who knows? You may get the chance to get a slice of their pizza for free or might be able to win a gift cash from the restaurant chain itself.

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