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Set Up Your Citibank Account Online

Citibank is a well know international bank. It was established in 1812 firstly in the United States. But now the banking activities of Citibank have spread throughout the world. It is now operating most possible banking business and providing constant service to the consumers. Citibank has spread its retail banking in over hundred regions and territories. Citibank is operating its business in an authentic way and aside standard services they are offering insurance, investments, and credit card services.

Citibank Credit Card-Secure Online Solution

Citibank is providing services maintaining banking standards. It is both satisfying our needs and ensuring new generation banking facilities. With 15 million subscribers they are one of the most successful banking system implementer. Their consumers enjoy the facility of transacting money worldwide and for small business transactions the service is more secured. Citibank provides credit card facility to most of their customers. Their credit system is more secure and less risk from online scammers.

Citibank is offering its consumers online transaction facility and real time account management system. The small business holders can easily access their account from anywhere and make payments or receive anytime.

Citibank online system allows the consumers the exposure to which they are mostly nourished for starting a business. Most business needs proper transaction system otherwise the process of business collapse. A business stands by the exchange of goods and materials purchase from the suppliers to the consumers. Therefore online system enables the customers to pay instantly while a secure system working for the entrepreneur to receive it.

Below the process is described about how you can manage your Citibank online account and steps for setting up the account.

Step By Step Guide

The first thing is you need an account authorized in Citibank. You should have the account details i.e. A/C number.

  1. You need a PC with internet connection to access the web site.
  2. Your Citibank account details.


  1. Open your browser and enter the link mentioned here
  2. Now if you are in the web site find the register button and click it.
  3. There will appear a form where you need to put all your known and necessary information and click continue.
  4.  Now type your desired user name and password and hit continue.
  5. On this step you’ll get the entered information confirm them and head to the next step.
  6. There is a help page for any arising situations. Follow the link if you need more assistance.

The most appreciative and successful online banking starts with Citibank. You only need your account details to enjoy online banking system along with many rewards programs.