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Activate Your ComCast Digital Now Box Online

The Comcast telecommunication corporation owns all of its apparatus and leases their cable TV receivers to their subscribers. And for new subscribers, the field technician activates the digital cable box upon installation and activation. Digital Television has amazing revolution; it offers a much better result and quality, for sound and picture both, then the traditional TV.

About The Comcast The World Of More:

The Comcast the World of More is an enterprise to upgrade subscribers to the digital box television. A Comcast digital box TV subscriber gets more than 3,000 high definition television channels, much better sound and picture quality, more on-demand channels and programs, as well as a lot of other features. The most excellent part is that the digital box update is completely free of charge. After ordering and getting a digital set TV box and two digital adapters from the Comcast, you can set up to upgrade.


Before your start, you will have to prepare the following needs.

  • You must have a Comcast television subscriber.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Visit to the online official web site of Comcast the World of More at
  • Type your Comcast online account number . click on the button labeled ‘’Start.’’
  • Follow the guidelines in the following web pages, order digital box equipments from the Comcast for the upgrade and activate.
  • Once you get the equipments, make use of the self-install stuff to get started.
  • Disconnect the previous Comcast cable digital box and plug in the new digital box to your TV and cable service utilizing the existing cabling.
  • And if you are upgrading to the HD box, and you have the HD TV, plug in the box with the HDMI cable.
  • Make sure that you have the active Comcast cable jack equipment, if you are installing the extra, not a replacement, digital box.


Comcast works excellent to offer their subscribers the most excellent, that’s why they settle on to upgrade all subscribers to the digital TV for free. Digital TV upgrade is free, No additional charges to your Comcast monthly bill. Moreover, you might even get more programs with the upgrade.