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How To Apply For Georgia COMPASS Food Stamp Benefits Online?

Food stamp is nutrient aid to the children families and disable people that can not afford food.  government has plan this program for low income families, refugees and victims of the natural disaster can get the food at free of cost. In order of getting the benefits, you need to have applied for food stamps.

About Georgia Compass

Georgia food stamp program is giving electronically Benefit security cards and EBT Cards to the families who deserve for food help. This program usually helps those household individuals that have low income and limited earning sources. In this way, the low income families can receive the food stamps benefits to promote the healthy eating, lifestyles and employment as well.

Detailed Instructions:

  • Visit
  • It allows the customers to apply for benefits online and also view the potential eligibility by using the pre-screening tools. Click on the link apply for benefits and choose start a new application, if you don’t have started this process before and click on next button.
  • Fill out the form for “Income Limits and Verification” and click on next.
  • Next you would have been asking for “login”, ‘signup” and “without signup option”. Choose the one best suited to you.
  • 4 steps signup will give you many benefits, just provide “your name”, “user id & password” , “secrets questions” and “agreement”
  • The peoples who have an account in Georgia can check their status of application online.
  • When you apply online, they will conduct the meeting via telephone interview.
  • You will provide the proof of identity.
  •  Proof  yourself for citizenship by providing the birth certificate, hospital record or U.S passport.
  • Social security number is essential to apply for benefits.
  • You will provide the proof of income for every household member.
  • You need to have provided the rent receipt and mortgage payment paper.
  • You can give them the medical bills of a person who have at least 60 ages and handicap.
  • The additional information may also require for qualifying; it is depend upon your financial situation.
  • Call at 1-877-423-4746 in case of any difficulty.

 Off Line Method:

Step 1. Download The Application:

download application

  • Fill out the application accurately by giving answers of questions, contact them for any sort of assistance as mentioned in application.
  • Finally sign & date the filled application.

Step 2. Post The Application

  • Save a copy of page one for yourself,
  • Mail, fax, or visit office local Department of Family & Children Services (DFCS) office with pages 3–5 application to your. Get the guide of your reeving benefits from them.
  • Check FAQs for any confusion.

When you are considered to be eligible then you can get the benefits within 30 days. In order to get the benefit program, they will send you an EBT card and PIN code. The household individuals use this card in authorized shops to buy food.


Everyone can apply for the food stamp benefits that have limited resources and face the crisis. After applying they can purchase food from the authorized food stores. The transaction may deduct from the EBT card that provided the government of Georgia to the residents for benefits. These services are free and available for those who need them most.