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Alabama UnEmployment Compensation Online Claims And Benefits

 The department of the labor and unemployment compensation division doesn’t discriminate on basis of the disability in provision of the employment or the services. You can file the Alabama unemployment compensation claims online very easily.

You can’t file the claim on the internet if

  • If you worked outside Alabama state in the previous one and half years.
  • You filed the claim against the state in previous one year
  • You really worked as the merchant seaman in previous one and half years
  • If you worked for federal government in the previous one and half years
  • You’re presently outside United States

Requirements To File The Claim:

  • You must have your SSN
  • Your history of work for previous one and half years, comprising the names, addresses, dates of the employment and telephone numbers of the employer’s business
  • You must have the registration alien number, if you’re not the citizen of United States
  • You must have the savings or checking account number and routing bank number.

Step By Step Guide:

  • First of all open your web browser in the computer system and go to the
  • Here at the bottom you will find the option which is marked as the file unemployment claim, click on this button to start the process
  • In the next page tick on the establish the new unemployment claim and then click on a button which is marked as continue at the bottom of this page
  • In the next page you will find the methods of filing the unemployment claims if you want to file the claim through internet then click on the proceed button which is placed at the bottom of this page
  • In the next page you will find the requirements of filing the claim, after reading all the requirements click on the proceed button to continue
  • Type in all the required information such as the social security number, four digits of the personal identity number into the required fields, tick on the things and click the continue button
  • Follow all the instructions and file the claim.


The whole process of filing the unemployment claim in the Alabama is really very easy and simple. This process will take just couple of minutes to complete. You can get the great benefits of the unemployment.