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SignUp My Dish Network Account Online

Long gone are the times when people used to feel contented on one TV Channel and all the family members used to sit together and watch the same channel with full interest without any objections but that was before Dish Antenna was introduced. Now it is a miracle if you find two people under the same roof wanting to watch the same channel or even the same program.

About Company

Dish Network is basically having its headquarters in Colorado. Their services are audio programming, satellite television along with interactive television. They are having about 245000 employees and they are having about 14 million customers which is definitely an amazing fact itself. it is a provider of the satellite program broadcasting and is the second largest and successful provider in the whole United States.

Detailed Guide:

  • Visit: & click on the link marked as “Create Online ID”
  • You will be directed to a new page and their either you will have to provide the 10 digit receiver number or the 16 digit receiver number. Your receiver number will be on Dish Network System Info Screen and you will only have to press the “Menu” button twice although your account number will be mentioned on your monthly bill.
  • You will have to create your Online ID along with a password.
  • You will have to accept the terms and services.
  • Follow the instructions as directed so that you can complete the process.
  • Now log in to your account by using your User ID or your password and manage your account with great ease.
  • Log out of your account once your work is done.

To create a Dish Network account you must be a network holder yourself but you must also be having a computer along with an internet access. Your must be from the place where the services of the Dish Network are present.


If you are managing your account then you will see that now you have the access to check the current status of your account. You will be able to control your account by selecting the settings according to your preferences. You will also be able to pay your bill or of any other subscription. You will also be able to change your account status.