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File Regular Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims

Unemployment insurance programs give the temporary income to workers who have no job and facing the unemployment all the way through no blunder of their own. The individuals who are looking for job can also claim a file for regular unemployment insurance benefits. The funds and benefits for unemployment insurance come from the taxes that are usually paid by the employers. The eligibility to get the benefits totally depends on the past wages, search requirements of job and reason of job separation. The claims are valuable on the specific date then you will fill out and it will not be retroactive to last day of work. You can fill the claims files at any Georgia department of labor center.

Requirements & Guide:

Before fill out the claim to get the regular unemployment insurance and other additional benefits you should have following things.

  • First of all, visit the website by using the internet browser.
  • Find out the option to claim file for regular unemployment insurance.
  • Click on the link and download the file.
  • In this file, you will provide the SSN (social security number).
  • You should know that claim can’t be filled without social security number.
  • You will provide the valid picture identification that is issued by your government.
  • If you have notice and letter of employer-issued separation then provide them.
  • After that you will enter the name, address in the required fields.
  • Enter the dates of your employment for last 18 months.
  • You will also provide the alien number and the expiration date for the individuals who are non-citizens.
  • Provide the SF-8 and SF-50 forms for the federal employment.
  • You will provide the personal bank account number and the routing number in the claim file for direct deposit.

When you will qualify for getting the benefits then they will inform you through email. Georgia State requires all the applicants for any form of unemployment insurance who are at least 18 years or above. To get the benefit, you need to have a legal permanent residence in the United States.


You may also use the internet accessibility to file claim. In this way, you need to have a valid email address because confidential and private information or detail about your claim will be sent to your email address.