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Renew Your Louisiana Vehicle Registration Online

When a person purchase, the major problem that he needs to face is when time for renewing the registration comes. Although it sounds simple but it has proven to be much hectic for many people. They have to go through a very tiresome procedure for the renewal of their automobile. It can direct to their violent behavior as sometimes it can take much time. But now in Louisiana renewal registration for your vehicle is not a tough procedure like it is in most of the states or countries. They have made the process quite easy for people.

About Louisiana:

Louisiana office motor vehicle is the company in the United States. They are working for providing best quality vehicles to their customers. They never allow their vehicles to go on road before any registration. They also help in dealing second hand vehicles. They have hired individuals and expert dealers for this purpose. They require their new residents also to register their vehicles in Louisiana. They provide initial vehicle registration and also annual registration. Even process of renewing your Louisiana vehicle is provided by them.


  • Access to the internet is necessary.
  • Any of the connecting devices for making the connection with internet is also required.
  • Invitation for renewal must be received by you via mail.
  • An authentic debit or credit card is also required. It can be a Visa Card, Master Card, American Express or Discover card.
  • For completing the process, person must be using Internet Explorer 5.0 or a Netscape version 4.73.
  • The security of the vehicle must have been given.
  • Never try renewing much time. It will appear in the next business day.

Step By Step:

  • Go through the official website .
  • Click on the button marked “Driver Services” from top menu and then click on “Driver License Renew”.
  • Start renewal process by accepting terms & conditions. It will be completed within 5 steps.
  • They will ask you to provide them the vehicle information. Mention the date you bought your vehicle and also the renewal number which you got.
  • Click on the ‘confirm’ button after reading all your records.
  • After this look at the fee breakdown.
  • Verify the address which is already written there.
  • Pay your money through any of the cards mentioned above.
  • After payment, do keep a receipt with yourself for record.
  • In the end you may give your feedback, it is not compulsory.


The Louisiana Renewal registration process is very simple. The time taken will be only few minutes. Only by going through the above mentioned steps whole process will be finished.