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Make Your Claim At Ford Owner Rebates

In the automotive industry this company has history of about 100 years and at present in the United States it is the second largest automaker company and it is proved as the leader in the industry. Through out the world, Ford was the first name which provided and created the cars for public use.

About Ford Rebates:

For buying a Ford service and product the cash back you receive is known as Ford rebate. After purchasing the product and service you can claim that online through their website by submitting your rebate claim and by doing this you can get your money back. The process of claiming is quite easy and quick and after six weeks you can receive your rebate through mail. The major advantage of filling a Ford rebate is that you can get your money back for buying a Ford service and product. There is nothing complicated about the filling rebate everything is quick, simple and easy. Before you receive you rebate check, you will get a status update through email once you have done this filling process online.


  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • You must have bought a ford service and product


  • To fill the rebate claim visit the official website at
  • There are several types given select the tab with text “services” this is a drop down menu, select “service coupons and rebate” option
  • On the right hand side of the screen there is an option “get started”, click on it under the heading “get your rebates”
  • Information is required including date of service, vehicle identification number (VIN), servicing dealer into the given areas
  • At the end of the box there is a button “continue”, click on it
  • You are required to enter your rebate information is the required fields and then complete the claim process as suggested
  • If you have any kind of query about the site or any of its product go to the following link


You can have a rebate by buying the Ford service or product just by filling the rebate claim online and it is the quite easy and quick process. Just go to the website and enter the required information, and you are done with this.