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Sign Up For Direct Deposit Or The Direct Express Card

One can easily enjoy great services of a company through creating an online account. Different banks now provide facility of applying online for their cards. Through signing up, things become quite easier for them. They can easily manage their card online whether they are at home or office.

About Direct Deposit:

It is related to the banking term that allows a person to deposit money just right at their bank account. It can be done through various means, like main one is electronic funds transfer. Payee has no role in it. The payment is initiated by the payer. There is a proper payment system through which the money directly given to the recipient. Mostly this feature is provided by the online banking systems. This facility of direct deposit is made according to the country specific payment systems.


  • A fast and reliable internet connection.
  • A computer or any other connecting device would also be needed.

Stepwise Guidance:

  • Go to their website for this purpose that is
  • Access their website and on the top left hand side of the page click on the ‘Register’ button for creating a free online account.
  • You would be then asked to provide information related to your social security number, your hiring date, your personal email address etc.
  • You may contact the personal department if you are unaware of your date of hiring.
  • After this you can easily login to account by providing username and password. On the top of the page click on the option of My Money and then at the left hand side of the page click on Payroll button.
  • For signing up for direct deposit click on the relevant button.
  • In the relevant fields provide your bank name and its address. Contact the bank if you are unaware of your bank address.
  • Give your routing and account numbers in the relevant fields. Routing number is a unique number given to each institution for identification and account number can be seen from back of your bank statements.
  • Agree to their terms and conditions and click on the Submit button.


Through the above mentioned process, you can easily get your direct deposit card. Process is very simple. Now they do not need to go at their respective locations. Now through the Direct Deposit one can have so much ease and many benefit.