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Participate & Win $100,000 In Gold Rush Sweepstakes

If you travel the world, you can ask many people if they are joining sweepstakes. Well, the answer that you could mostly get is “Yes”, and you will surely find great fascination in their voices. At some point, you could be one of these people and you just don’t join the local sweepstakes, but you might even take it to the international level. With lots of sweepstakes around, one of those in which people have been participating in is the $100,000 worth of cash in the Gold Rush Sweepstakes.

What Is The Gold Rush Sweepstakes And Discovery Channel:

The Discovery Channel merely premiered their third season of the Gold Rush. This show follows Todd and Jack Hoffman and the other gold diggers, as they are using heavy equipment in order to search for the gold and support their families with the unstable economy that the world has. As part of their premiere, the Discovery Channel also wants to give their fans the chance to strike up for the gold, without doing any sort of tiring work. This is actually where the Gold Rush Sweepstakes takes into the picture. The show will present their special entry code and it will be revealed twice.

  • Requirements:
  1. Computer
  2. Internet Access
  3. Entry codes
  • Step By Step Guide:
  1. The first step for you to do is to visit the main website of Gold Rush Sweepstakes. See the URL below.
  2. Registering for an account is the next thing that you should do. You need to provide your name, your address, password, your video provider, check whether if you want updates or not, and enter the characters you see in the box.
  3. Once done, click enter.
  4. You need to confirm your account. Do it by getting to your email address and clicking the confirmation link sent by the website to you.
  5. Login to your account using your email address and password.
  6. Provide your entries by following the instructions provided on the page.
  7. You only have to wait for the draw. Goodluck!

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