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Approach Barclays Online Banking To Acquire Pass Code

Signing up for different online banking services provide great number of benefits to people. Online accounts create an ease in the lives of people. Without online banking facility a lot of things remain neglected for people. With the help of sign up procedure at this place for online banking you can get your pass code easily. All your details and information will remain secure and protected with them. You will easily sign in to your account by getting a pass code or a memorable word from them. This service will save you from remembering all the PIN numbers, usernames or passwords.


  • Firstly, you need to open the web page .
  • Provide all the relevant details to them for getting and using the pass code easily.
  • In the very first box, enter your surname.
  • After this they will give you three options that enter your membership number which contains 12 digits. Mostly it starts with ‘2010’ or ‘2020.
  • You can choose option of car number and within you have to provide debit card, cash or authentication car number.
  • If you go for the option of sort code and account number then you can use any account details to identify yourself.
  • Save all these details by clicking the button of ‘save’ and then click the ‘next’ button.
  • In the next page enter your Username, password and date of birth.
  • Provide them the post code and location information.
  • Give your debit or cash card number to them.
  • Write the preferred email address in the relevant field and then retype it for confirmation purpose.
  • Tick the box if you want them to notify about their new products and services. Click the Finish button after providing all details to them.


With the help of getting pass code through online banking the signing in process will become easy. Just by entering this code in few seconds you will get access to your online banking account. It allows you to perform great number of tasks.

About Company:

Barclays is a public limited company of banking and financial services. It was founded in 1690 in London. Headquarter is located in One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf London, United Kingdom. They provide their service in the whole world. They provide products related to commercial banking, retail banking, investment banking and investment management.