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Take In Lego Survey To Win $80 Lego Product

There is hardly one person on the Planet Earth who hasn’t heard of Lego. Everyone has played with it in their childhood and if not then with some copy of the Lego structure blocks but all of those are the imitations of the real and most original The Lego. There are Lego Competitions all around the world to find out who is the most creative when it comes to building blocks.

About Lego

Lego Group is a manufacturer of Toysand Lego is their Flagship product. That is why there are so many grand competitions of Lego which are not just amazing and fun but are also a bid advertising scheme of Lego. Nowadays Lego Group wants their customers to participate in the survey so that they can know that how much their customers are satisfied with their latest product or not. This will lead them to some innovative ideas or improvements.

How To Participate In Lego Survey?

  • You must have to be a customer of the Lego so that you must be having a box of their product and the box will be having the survey code or the booklet inside will be for sure.
  • A kid must be 13 years old or older to take part in the survey or else their parents can take part in it on their behalf.
  • Click on the link
  •  Once you have been directed on the page then you have to select the language in which you want to give the survey.
  • Provide the code and then submit the information and if the information is correct then you will be given access to the survey questions.
  • Answer the questions of the survey carefully and honestly.
  • Once you are done then submit your answers and you will be entered automatically in the sweepstakes and you will get a chance to win a Lego product free of cost which is worth $80 or £60


The Lego survey is being held by the Medallia which is a software based company and is a mastermind when it comes to arranging surveys as it is having a very impressive history. The survey will help the company to improve and to eliminate the factors which are disliked by their customers. The improvements can only be made when the person himself is ready to improve himself.