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Create A Profile To Get Macy’s Star Rewards

It is already known to us that getting rewards of a company is not much an easy task. For this you need to create an account on their website and design a profile. Even there is a certain limit of spending amount and then you can get the rewards. The rewards of Macy’s star are also based on these criteria. The process for applying for their rewards is described below in full detail. By reading it thoroughly no problem would be faced by you.

About Company:

Macy’s star is the departmental store chain in United States. It is a retailing company and was founded in the New York City in 1858. The Headquarter of this company is located in Cincinnati, Ohio United States. Their locations are spread out in different states of United States; almost 798 locations are running and doing a successful business. Their main products are clothing, footwear, bedding, jewelry, cosmetics, house wares and different types of furniture. People admire their products as they are the long lasting ones and of a very fine quality. One of the other divisions of this store is Bloomingdale.


  • Your internet connects must be working properly.
  • Personal computer or the portable device which is being used must also be in perfect condition.
  • Eighteen years or above eighteen years can apply for this rewards process and create profile.
  • Being account holder of Macy’s American Express is a must thing.
  • Annual spending rate is assigned to be $ 500-999.

Step By Step

  • Go at the relevant website for starting the process of creating your profile i.e. .
  • Sign in if you have an account already, otherwise sign up by clicking on “Create account”.
  • Provide UserName, Password, Address, Zip Code, Security question and date of birth to create account.
  • Provide Macy’s account number and SSN for complete registration process.
  • Subscribe Macy’s email alerts to get updates and receive text message form Macy within 48 hours to precede the registration process.
  • After all this, you can click on option of rewards for getting them and complete the process.
  • Press Enter for submitting your form to them.


Get the rewards certificate as soon as possible from the Macy’s star and avail their discount offers and other such chances. You can get idea about all your rewards from your bill statements at the end of each month easily.