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Claim Your Prize At My Arkansas Lottery

The aim of this commission is really to supervise the operation and function of the lottery whose net ensues will offer grants and the scholarships to the citizens of the Arkansas for the in state universities and the colleges. This commission may oversee and establish more than one lottery to fund scholarship and to fund commission operations as well.

Under the Arkansas code annotated 23-115-102, lotteries are really to be managed and operated in the way that:

  • Offers continuing entertainment to persons
  • Maximizes income generated
  • Preserves dignity and integrity of a procedure
  • The accounts to general assembly and public through the audits and reports.

Guide To Claim Your Prize:

  • First of all go to the website of this company at the  via your computer system which has the facility of the internet
  • To claim the prize, at this page you will find the button which is marked as claim prize at middle top of this page, click on this button to get the form of the claim
  • After clicking you will get all the information and methods to claim the prize
  • You can claim the prize at the retailer of ASL if value of the winning ticket is less than five hundred dollars
  • Claim in the excess of five hundred dollars should include the completed form of claim and the copy of the suitable form of the identification to comprise, US passport, license of driving, the passport provided by the foreign government. ID of US armed forces or the other evidence of the identity official for use by the legal representatives in Arkansas
  • If you want to claim through the mail then you should get the claim form, click on the claim form link
  • By clicking the form of the claim will come, take a print of this form
  • When submitting the claim by the mail
  • Complete that form
  • Date and sign this form
  • Attach and sign ticket of winning to that form
  • You should also include the copy of the acceptable identification form.


The prizes under the one million dollars may be reimbursed by mail or at any claim center of the ASL. You can very easily claim your prize by mail through completing this form.