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Get Burger King coupons by completing this easy online survey

Do you enjoy eating out at Burger King? If you do, then you may be interested in taking part in today’s survey. Simply respond to some easy questions about your last dining experience at Burger King and you will receive coupons for your next meal. In this article we show you how to complete the survey!

What you’ll need:

  • A receipt from your last dine-in meal at Burger King
  • Roughly 5-10 minutes of your time to answer some straightforward questions on your previous dining experience

How to get free coupons from Burger King:

  • Go to the Burger King customer satisfaction survey website at
  • Input the restaurant number as displayed on the front of your receipt (see screenshot below)
  • Click on the “Next” button
  • You will now be asked some easy questions about your last meal with Burger King. As this survey is being conducted in the hope of getting valuable customer feedback, feel free to be as candid and open as you want. Your responses will be used to improve future customer service and Burger King products going forward.
  • After you complete the survey you will receive coupons for your next Burger King meal. 

About Burger King:

Burger King is a famous fast food chain known for its signature hamburgers such as the Whopper and variations. The company started out in 1953 with the name “Insta-Burger King” before later becoming simply Burger King. Over the decades since, the brand gained popularity for its burgers and reliable customer service. Today, Burger King has more than 34,000 employees and is the world’s second largest hamburger chain after McDonalds. As of 2014, the company operated almost 15,000 outlets worldwide. In recent years, Burger King has diversified its menu by offering new products such as smoothies, chicken strips and new ice cream variations with even the Whopper getting an updated recipe that includes new and better cheese.