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Get Coupon Code In My Burger King Experience Survey

Burger king is the most famous fast food restaurant of hamburger. When you visit the outlets of Burger King, then you will receive the coupon code for the next meal. Now spend some couple of minutes online to take a part in the survey, you may get the special chance to receive the gift prize.

About Survey:

The restaurant wants to know about the satisfaction level of the customers. To know the customers experience about their services and products, they designed the feedback questionnaires in the survey where the consumers can give the suggestions to improve the level and quality of outlets. The survey process is pretty simple and easy to use and may take a little time to complete. When you complete the survey, you will get the coupon code or redeem it for next meal at Burger King.

Detailed Guide:

  • Visit
  • In this way, need a receipt of burger king that you received after purchasing the burger.
  • Provide the number of restaurant that is printed on your receipt.
  • Enter the time and date when to visit the restaurant.
  • Select the province or state from the drop down menu.
  • Finally, to begin the survey, click on the button “start”.
  • Provide the answers to the series of survey questionnaires that are relevant to your experience.
  • Answer the questions thoroughly and honestly.
  • At the end of survey, you will get the coupon code that can be utilized for redeem.

After that you will take the receipt with code back to the burger restaurant and receive the item that is mentioned on your receipt. You will not provide any personal information in the survey to get the validation code. The coupon code will be provided to you automatically at the end of survey.


By participating, you may give feedback and opinion that company will be used to provide the better services or improve their quality of products. As reward to take part in survey, you will get the validation code as a great prize. The type of prizes may be change time to time, but sometimes you may receive sandwich, burger and other best deals after participating.