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Sign Up For The Gallagher Bassett’ MyGBClaim Account

Gallagher Bassett, company always on lookout for modern way to bring added value to their customers. One of the main priority objectives company set for themselves is to stay the communication lines between all parties working and open. Mygbclaim consider one the most excellent ways to make this is by the maintaining clear, open channels of the communication.

About Company:

Gallagher Bassett Services, company vision is concentrated on results and have been as their inception in the 1962. Now a day, Gallagher Bassett is the leading casualty / property 3rd part administrator, providing informative insights and services in regions of consultative services, medical cost containment, information management and claims management which involves appraisal services, control consulting and risk control. Gallagher Bassett has more than 3,400 clients globally with over 100 branches and more than 4,200 skilled experts.


  • You need to have a PC with internet access.
  • You must have claim number and Social Security Number (SSN) for enroll at the services.

Step By Step Guide:

  • Go to the online authorized web site  through your internet browser or through any search engine.
  • Click on the button marked ‘’Sign up’’ at front of the web page under section ‘’New Member’’
  • This will take you a new page where you need to fill out information.
  • Enter your Claim Number in the required field.
  • After that, enter your Social Security Number (SSN) in the appropriate field.
  • And click on the button labeled ‘’ Submit.’’


Quality is Gallagher Bassett’s lifeblood.  This is the foundation of every company choice they make, small or large. One the practical side, quality is mirrored in their data – its truth, ease of retrieval, speed of transmission and timelines.