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Manage Your Gift Card Online

Gift cards are a well known and popular way to send the wishes to loved ones. There are lots of online websites where you can find the wide variety of cards and send to the special ones. With the online access, you will find the useful sites of gift cards but the and are very comprehensive sites for the users who are finding the special wishes gift cards online to buy.

About Gift Cards

Most of the banks provide the gift cards to the account holders to buy the gifts free from the stores. It is completely free to register and users can easily utilize it. The registration process is quick and very simple. After registration, the users input the gift cards data with the name, number and value. Even, you can find that where the cards are acquired and where are stored.


To manage the gift card online, you need to have complete the following requirements.

  • A computer with high internet accessibility.
  • A gift card with the number and security code.

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  • When you will receive the gift card from any bank or store then you can manage the gift cards via online accessibility.
  • In this way, you will create the account in the gift card website then you can view the status of gift cards.
  • Visit
  • You will login into the website by fill out the login form.
  • You will enter the card number that is written on your gift card.
  • After that enter the security code of your gift card.
  • The three digit security code will be printed on the signature panel of your card.
  • You will enter the special characters that are shown in the specific box.
  • Click on the button “login”.

After login, you can manage the gift card online by checking the gift card inventory and you can also view the expiration dates and balances.


Absolutely, the gift cards online are free and easy to use. It helps the gift card holders to maximize the value from the card and then they can utilize it any time. They can serve as best and an excellent resource for buying the gift cards.