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Win £1000 In My Iceland Customer Feedback Survey

In this technological world where so much ease is provided for the humanity many great facilities for them are provided in food items as well. Sometimes it happens that you are not willing to cook and not feeling well so you go for the option of frozen foods. It is not sure that the quality of those items will be good or not. If it is good you should tell them through their survey and even if it is bad do inform them. Iceland customer feedback survey is designed accordingly.

About Iceland:

Iceland is the private type of company running in the Ireland and United Kingdom. They sell all the needy items in their store chains. They are famous for their frozen products. Within this category their frozen vegetables and frozen meat is most common one. They have largest share with the market of United Kingdom food chain. It has benefitted them in a great way. In 1970, this retailing company was founded by Malcolm Walker. The Headquarter of this company is located in Deeside Flint shire, Wales. According to a report of 2012, their stores are spread in various locations. They have eight hundred and fourteen locations spread in different areas.

  • An internet connection will be needed for connecting the web.
  • A device will be required for the starting of the process.
  • Availability of receipt number is a must thing.
Stepwise Details:
  • Open the link .
  • Enter the date of visit, time and transaction reference in respective boxes.
  • Click the Next button to move on the further steps.
  • A list of questions to be answered will appear. Answer all the given questions by keeping in mind all the services and quality of their products.
  • Once you have done everything click on the Finish button.

Through the help of Iceland survey, you can easily express your opinion about their services. All the steps are very simple. Even if there is any ambiguity you can visit the help center on their homepage. They will give you perfect directions.