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File A Claim At Medicare To Get Help With Cost has an official website on the internet and provides the access to your personalized details and information at any time. When you will register on the website then you can check your Medicare information such as claims as soon as they are in process and other Medicare related information that is specified to you. Here, you can find your preventive service information, entitlement and eligibility. You can also view the prescription about your health and drug enrollment information.

Step By Step Guide:

  • You should need to file a claim only in rare case.
  • Medicare claims must be fill out after the date when the services will be provided to you.
  • If you do not file a claim within the time limit then the company will not pay its share.
  • If you want to file a claim then go online and then type the address in the navigation bar of the browser.
  • Here, you will find the lot of options to file a claim and appeals.
  • Choose the option “claim or appeals” on the top menu bar.
  • After that choose the claim form and download it.
  • You can print out the form that is available with the name of “patient’s request for medical payment form” and then fill out the information in the form that is required.
  • Follow the instructions to complete this claim form.
  • If you want Medicare to provide the personal information to someone rather than you, then you need to fill out the form that is available with the name of “authorization to disclose personal health information”.
  • On the other hand, you can call 1-800-MEDICARE on your own behalf to provide the personal details.
  • After fill out all the needed requirements in the form, follow the mailing instruction that will be included on the claim form.
  • Finally, send your claim file on the given email address after fill out all the information.


The online procedure is convenient, quick and quite easy to use. There is no need to go to the medical office and wait for an appointment. Simply, sign-in into the website and get the Medicare and health prescription via email. You can also file a claim online if you want to get insurance and other medical benefits.