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Signing Up For My NationStar Mortgage Account

Everyone wishes to have a house of their own. To get rid of the monthly rentals and to have a satisfaction of having your own house people go for various offers that make them capable of owing a house. Among these offers mortgage loans are the famous ones.

 About Nationstar Mortgage:

Nationstar Mortgage Company helps you to own a house. It is the leading mortgage company in the US founded in 1997. It is famous for providing best services to their customers and wide range of competitive mortgage products. Above 4,100 mortgage professionals are employed by Nationstar Mortgage.

How To Sign Up?

  • Open the website of Nationstar Mortgage company by following the link
  • Navigate to the mid of the homepage. There is an option of “Sign in or Sign up” on the left of the page under the heading “My Nationstar Mortgage”. Click on this option.
  • The leading page is divided into two halves; Sign up or Sign in. If you already have an account then entering your username and password you can sign in to your account.
  • To sign up click on the button at the end named “Sign up”. It will lead you to a new page where you can begin your sign up process.
  • In the “Account Information” section, you have to enter your “Nationstar Loan Number” or “Prior Loan Number” and the “Last four digits of your Social Security Number”.
  • In the next section named “User Information” you have to enter your user name, a password and an email address. The password and email address are entered twice in order to avoid the risk of any mistake and to match the typed characters.
  • The next section followed is labeled as “Security Information”. In this section you have to select the security question from the options given and then type its answer in the field named “Security Answer”. This information is helpful in the case when you forgot your password and can’t access your account. You will have to answer the selected question to get the access to your account again. Make sure you remember your typed answer.
  • Now type the letters that appear in the box on your screen for anti spam protection. Now finally click on the “Continue” button to finish the process. Follow the instructions to complete the sign up process.


Signing up for a Nationstar Mortgage Account will help you to access your loan summary, Monthly statements, application of last payment and escrow analysis etc.