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Access Nordstorm Employee Account Online

Companies are now providing their employees, an online portal that is to give them direct communication with administration and to check their paycheck easily.New jobs and careers opportunities are offered to give them better change to improve their life.

About Nordstorm:

It was founded in 1901 in US and is an advance manner retailer chain.In the start they were shoes retailers but with the passage of time and their profitable business leads them to the enhance business. They heighten their stores by providing clothing, jewelry, hand bags, cosmetics and much more to their customers. There are about 231 stores in 31 different states of US.

Detail Guide:

  • Go to the link using your internet browser.
  • This page provides you information about different log in options depending on your requirement like if you want to know about your pay and info then you can log in for that purpose. Moreover if you want learn about your benefits and future career then you can log in for those options. Read the page thoroughly to select the log in option.
  • On the top there is a menu bar having the options “My Pay & Info”, “My Benefits”, “My Career”, “My Schedule” and “Nordstorm Cares”. When you navigate to the options a drop down menu is opened. You can log in to the first four options by selecting the log in option in the drop down menu.
  • By selecting any option you will be taken to the log in page. In some options an additional page will open regarding “Terms and Conditions”. If you agree to them, then click on the “I accept” option below and you will be taken to the log in page.
  • To have access to your account you have to first verify your identity. For this purpose type your user name in the given field. You can type your employee number or LAN ID in this field.
  • Then type your password in the given space. In case you forgot your password click on the link below titled as “Request/Forgot Password”. It will take you to a page where you can enter your user name and request for a password.
  • After entering the user name and password click on the “Log in” button at the bottom to complete your sign in process.
  • If you already have login, get your direct access at
  • Get customer support here.


Using your employee account at mynordstorm you can check your work schedule and can also have the knowledge about your benefits and career options.